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Name: PAC

Year of birth: 2012
Sex: Gelding

Breed: Spanish Cross 
Height: 165 cm
Colour: Chestnut

Level of training: Grand Prix dressage

Level of competition: Prix St Georges

Safe to hack: Yes

Suitable for beginners: Yes

Price: on request

Pac is a horse that completely takes your breath away: a horse doesn’t get more dreamy than this! With his beauty, unique color, gentlemanly behavior, and education level he will make you the happiest horse owner and rider every day.

Pac is professionally trained and well-established in all the Grand Prix movements, he has been taught with a calm and soft hand and it will be easy for any rider to take over the reins.

He has competed up to PSG and is ready to advance in level.

He is easy to handle and overall a safe and kind horse.

He’s also safe to go hacking with and used to traffic etc.


X-rays available.

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