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Name: Jerry

Year of birth: 2013
Sex: Gelding

Breed: Spanish cross
Height: 162 cm
Colour: Grey

Level of training: Lateral exercises, canter pirouettes & flying changes in every stride

Level of competition: PSG / Int. 1

Safe to hack: Yes

Suitable for beginners: Yes

Price category: 10 000 - 15 000 EUR


Jerry is the perfect schoolmaster, he’s safe, kind, and well-educated. 

He does all the lateral exercises, canter pirouettes, and flying changes in every stride. 

He’s very fun to ride, always attentive to his rider with great rideability and a lot of qualities in the gaits.


With his movements, uphill tendency, and charisma - Jerry is a horse that stands out in the competition arenas. Here in Spain, he has competed in Doma Vaquera.


Jerry is also a good show jumper and he thinks that’s a fun addition to the dressage work.

Jerry is a cuddly horse that you can spend hours within the stables, he’s also used to be ridden and be taken care of by children. 


Jerry is very easy to handle, nothing is difficult with him. He loads himself into the truck and behaves well during transport.

Together with Jerry you can enjoy long hacks and feel completely safe in the saddle, he’s safe in all surroundings and used to traffic, etc. He’s as bomb-proof as a horse gets. 


Jerry is suitable for the competition rider with ambitions in PSG / Int. 1 and who also wants a schoolmaster to have fun with in different activities. Jerry will join you on everything with a happy attitude!

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