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Name: Hermanillas

Year of birth: 2020
Sex: Mare

Breed: PRE
Height: 163 cm
Colour: Grey

Level of training: Broken in


Price category: 5000-10 000 EUR


Hermanillas is a beautiful mare with a correct conformation, good movements, and merited pedigree. 


She has been going outside in a big herd of mares until last autumn and has after that started the work towards becoming a riding horse at an appropriate pace.
Today she works well in all gaits, has a nice energy, and is comfortable with her rider.
Hermanillas has good movements that are suitable for a future in the sport.
She has shown a lovely mentality and rideability, we believe that she has all the qualities to be successful in the dressage arenas in the future. 


Hermanillas is a healthy and strong horse.

She’s currently barefoot.

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