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Don Mosquetón


Name: Don Mosquetón

Year of birth: 2013
Sex: Stallion

Breed: PRE/PSL mix
Height: ap. 154 cm
Colour: Cremello

Level of training: Level 4 + canter pirouettes, piaffe and Spanish walk

Safe to hack: Yes

Suitable for beginners: Yes

Price: On request


Don is a PRE/PSL cross and has gotten the best from both breeds.

Don is very kind and has a chill attitude to his surroundings. He's easy to ride and has a nice work attitude. Don is an intelligent horse that learns new exercises incredibly fast. He does all the lateral work, flying changes, canter pirouettes, and has started to play with the piaffe and passage. He's safe to go hacking with and goes forward everywhere, used to traffic, etc.

He's also easy to handle, a true friend.

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