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Berolina YAN

Name: Berolina YAN

Year of birth: 2017
Sex: Mare

Breed: PRE
Height: 160
Colour: G

Level of training: Level 2 dressage

Safe to hack: Yes

Suitable for beginners: No
Clean X-rays from April 2023

Price: on request


“Lina” is a real superstar, I have not ridden many horses that can transmit such an amazing feeling in the saddle as Lina does. She has absolutely no limits in her movements and everything comes naturally to her.
She has lots of power and is self-going with energy that never ends. She’s comfortable to sit on and has a soft mouth.
Lina has a bright future ahead of her and has the possibility to go far in the dressage arenas. She's a complete horse with all the qualities that we are looking for i
n an Iberian dressage horse. 


Lina is a sweet horse that is easy to handle and loves attention and cuddles. She’s also safe to go hacking with, never spooky, and goes forward everywhere both alone and together with other horses.


Lina is up to date with all necessities; vaccinated according to FEI regulations, recently dewormed, yearly mouth check-up, and shoeing every 5 months. She’s in the paddock every day and used to be outside 24/7 or in the paddock during days and inside in the stables during nights. 

Berolina has a very merited and well-known pedigree:

S: Armas Freson - lots of success at Morphological competitions with high placements and points. 

SS: Armas Balago II - Competing International Grand Prix dressage with winnings and high placements. Also lots of success in Morphological competitions, rewarded with titles 'Campeón del concurso, Campeón de Mejores Movimientos, and Campeón de Funcionalidad'. 

SD: Armas Berolina - One of the very important mares from Yeguada Plaza de Armas, part of their Cobra - She has a lot of high placements and winnings from Morphological competitions both as an Individual and in the Cobra. Participated in SICAB. 

SSS. Armas Tarugo - Legendary stallion with a lot of Champion titles, among others:

* Campeón de Funcionalidad SICAB 2007 & 2009

* Subcampeón SICAB 2009

On the mother side of Berolina you find several well known horses from Bohorquez and Yeguada Militar.

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