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Berolina YAN

Name: Berolina YAN

Year of birth: 2017
Sex: Mare

Breed: PRE
Height: 15
8 cm
Colour: Grey

Level of training: Basic level dressage

Safe to hack: Yes

Price: 7851 EUR + 21% VAT / 9500 EUR incl. VAT


Berolina is a very promising mare for both dressage and breeding.

She's a sporty type with really good movements, nice softness, and good rhythm.

She's comfortable to ride with a soft mouth and good willingness to go forward. 


Berolina has a very merited and well known pedigree:

S: Armas Freson - lots of success at Morphological competitions with high placements and points. 

SS: Armas Balago II - Competing International Grand Prix dressage with winnings and high placements. Also lots of success in Morphological competitions, rewarded with titles 'Campeón del concurso, Campeón de Mejores Movimientos and Campeón de Funcionalidad'. 

SD: Armas Berolina - One of the very important mares from Yeguada Plaza de Armas, part of their Cobra - She has a lot of high placements and winnings from Morphological competitions both as Individual and in the Cobra. Participated in SICAB. 

SSS. Armas Tarugo - Legendary stallion with a lot of Champion titles, among others:

* Campeón de Funcionalidad SICAB 2007 & 2009

* Subcampeón SICAB 2009

On the mother side of Berolina you find several well known horses from Bohorquez and Yeguada Militar.


Berolina is well maintained, all vaccinations up to date, regularly teeth checked, good hoof care etc. 

Today she goes in a paddock with shelter 24/7 together with a gelding. She has also shared paddock with mares, Berolina is very kind and always goes along with the other horses. 

She has earlier also been alone in paddock and in stables over night, never any problems.


This amazing girl is easy to handle and cool in different surroundings, she has a very sweet character and loves to cuddle

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