CT Horse Sales FAQs

Q:  How do I consign a horse and how is the sale order determined? 

        A:  Sellers contact Cassie 402-658-7952 to reserve a spot in the sale.  You do not need to fill out a consignment form.  Asking how many horses we currently have on the list does not tell you your number. We make accommodations for those bringing multiple horses and numbering isn’t done until the day before the sale.  If you consign the day of the sale, you will be behind all of the people who have called in during the month. Be prepared so you aren’t disappointed.

Q:  How do I get pictures of my horse on the website?

         A:  This is a free service to our customers, email a picture to with your name and a brief description.  It’s in your best interest to get pictures to us early so buyers can have time to consider how much they are willing to spend. 

Q:  What should I do if someone wants to buy my horse once it’s listed on the website?

          A:  We prefer you ask them to come to the sale to purchase your horse or we expect notification so we can remove the horse from the website and facebook page. We also appreciate a commission on the sale.  We have an obligation to our customers. Put yourself in their position – How would you feel if you drove a considerable distance to bid on a horse listed on the website that didn’t show up at the sale?  We don’t want to look bad and don’t want to make you look bad.  We aren’t a free advertising service!

Q:  Who determines what price my horse starts at in the ring? 

       A:   This can vary, in some cases an individual from the crowd initiates the starting price and in other instances it can be a ringman who, based on experience, chooses an approximate starting point to get the bidding started.  Generally the starting point isn’t an issue, the seller shouldn’t take offense if the price is lower than expected, a flurry of activity in the beginning is better than no activity.  Ultimately buyers know their spending limits and ringmen don’t control those limits.

Q:  What fees do I pay?

         A:  Commission on horses is 8%. $35 is due at check in. It covers the No Sale fee or is applied to the total commission.  Commission on Tack 20%, Commission on Hay, Equipment and Trailers 10%.

No Sale fee on saddles $5.00, No Sale fee on Trailers/Equipment $25.00. 

Q:  What paperwork is necessary in the office?

         A:  When checking in your horse we will need registration papers, completed & signed transfers, and the sellers contact information.  If the horse isn’t registered we will need a physical description, age, sex, color and the sellers contact information. 

If you are selling tack all we need is contact information and we will give you the numbers to place on your tack.

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